Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wish List Wednesday: Joss & Main

Hi, My name is Emma and I'm addicted to shopping. [good thing this whole real world deal has my money going towards my bills instead right?] Well, If I had a large sum of money today - Chances are... I'd take it shopping and blow it all without even thinking about tomorrow...whoops Since that's not the case, I resort to online "window" shopping. DAILY.

And what caught my eye today you ask? When I opened my email this morning I stumbled upon this gem and just had to click on it.

I'm a sucker for some black and white decor. Where do you ask? Joss & Main [one of my greatest weaknesses] I'm convinced that for a while I had to detox myself from their daily emails. It took every bit of me to not click on the links and fill up an entire shopping cart before realizing I can't redesign my apartment every week. Who does that?

So when this beaut grazed my email, I clicked it - without any hesitation.. I was nothing short of impressed, as usual

Like always, Happy Shopping!

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