Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Trending Tribal

Hello Hello! It's officially fall and we all know what that means.. The sweaters are out, the boots and scarfs are calling you're name, Starbucks has PSL's and Dunkins has pumpkin munchkins.. Annnd of course... [You're facebook and instagrams are filled with apple picking and pumpkins.]

Well, lets take a quick step back to my sweaters comment. Today's post is inspired by my new obsession, and the trend craze that brings me to my dilemma every time I go shopping... The hunt for the perfect tribal sweater. Yes, that's right.. like the tribal sweaters Emily Maynard wears

Exhibit A:
If you haven't checked out her style, I highly recommend it! Check out her Instagram & Blog  On that note - I'm sure everyone has pinned a few of these:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
In my mind, that translates to patterns like these:
1 | 2
The next thing that runs through my mind is.. [Can you mix & use tribal prints into design?] [Does it always have to be bright and in your face?] [Can you portray tribal theme without having tribal print?] Answers: yes | no | yes

Here's some inspiration on how to tackle this popular trend:



1 | 23 | 45 | 6
For any other assistance, I recommend taking a stroll through you're local West Elm store. I might even have to purchase this duvet featured in [Image #4] for myself..