Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Trends I'm Loving

Trends are never ending. They're almost like a revolving door. Some come and go, other stick around for a while while they get big and then others come back years later for a whole new generation to put their spin on it and make it on trend again. I find it fascinating to see whats on trend and how they all came to be. Color blocking, for example was such a style of the 70's and now its back and better than ever. Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite trends that I'm loving right now... and some amazing products so you can be on trend too! Do you have a home decor trend that you are absolutely loving right now?

1. Tassles - This is a trend that I'm convinced is a great DIY project. {good, bad or ugly stay tuned to see what I can come up with} but if you're not a DIYer, there's plenty of tassel items everywhere you turn now! Hello, Anthro!

2. Geodes - I know this one sounds weird... and you're probably thinking to yourself, "are you talking about rocks?" yep! Just think, agate coasters, agate bookends, even geode hardware for your desks and dresser drawers.

3. Faux Taxidermy - Mounted deer heads are no longer something that is only associated with mountain houses and hunting cabins.. These faux beauties come in all different sizes and colors. Not to mention they can be white, gold and oh-so cute!

4. Topiaries - Fake plants. Yes, that's right... fake plants. Mainly smaller ones, but they are great to add to your bookshelf or coffee table and bring a little color if you are like me and love the neutrals.

5. Cake plates - Personally, I used to associate cake plates with my grandmas house. And while I've always loved those baked goodies from grandmas, it was nothing I wanted to have sitting on my kitchen table in my apartment. Fast forward to today and I'm jut dying to purchase one!! Maybe even this one with little gold accents on it?

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