Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toasting the Holidays

festive holiday drink recipe

Holidays like Thanksgiving call for family & friends. And what's a better way to spend some time celebrating and being thankful for all you have than doing it while enjoying some holiday drinks? This is probably the easiest holiday drink I've ever made {besides a mimosa} but it's pretty much like a holiday mimosa which is even better! I discovered this drink at Nan & Byron's in Charlotte and I just had to know their secret! I was so surprised, but even more excited to find out just how simple it was that I could do it myself! I'll definitely be taking this recipe home for the holidays. Who's ready to pop some bubbly and get to toasting the holidays with friends and family?

What you need:
1. Your favorite Prosecco
2. Sparkling Cider {this is optional for the non-drinkers and the little ones}
3. White cran juice {i used white crane peach & it was delicious!}
4. Dried Cranberries
Bar Items:
5. Glass vase for juice
6. Tag to label the juice
7. Champagne Flutes {love these}
8. Mini Bowls for fruit & garnish {similar}
9. Spoon
10. Tray for displaying items
Check out the Bar Cart Pictured, here.
festive holiday drink recipe

2 parts prosecco
1 part white cran juice
Top with dried cranberries for garnish
Hint: the bubbles from the prosecco will make the cranberries dance up and down through the champagne flute creating a fun and entertaining drink for everyone to enjoy!

festive holiday drink recipe

festive holiday drink recipe

festive holiday drink recipe
Thanks to West Elm Charlotte for having me for their corporate Drink + Clink event! All products used in this post are c/o West Elm.

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