Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Galentines Day Hot Cocoa Bar

How To Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Alright let's face it, the movie theater is already sold out for ALL of the valentines day showings of Fifty Shades of Grey and the only other thing that sounds appealing on the 14th of February is to spend it with your best friends chipotle, pino grigio, and the sofa.... I mean, your girlfriends.

What a better way to spend the sometimes dreaded Valentines Day holiday with all your single ladies than popping in your favorite trashy {or sappy} movie and lounging on the couch in yoga pants? What if I told you that adding a big bowl of popcorn, candy, and a MYO {make your own} hot cocoa bar would not only seal the deal with your gal pals but also be instagram worthy?! Sign. Me. Up. Am I Right? Let's dive right into the sugar coma I'm planning to have on Saturday night with my closest girlfriends, and you can too in just 5 easy steps!

Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Step 1: Start with colored tissue paper or colored wrapping paper to create a table runner on your kitchen table. This will not only look cute and set the scene, but it's great for an easy cleanup!

Step 2: Fill your table by laying out your coffee mugs, apothecary jars, bowls, trays, etc. Any decorative or kitchen items that you will be using to hold your food, candy and popcorn! This will help you organize where you want everything to go first {so theres no food mess before you dig in}
Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Step 3: Put your party favors or individual candy bags on a tray {shown} in a nice display. I like them near the mugs so your guests can grab one as they go and don't forget or get distracted by the MYO hot cocoa.
Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Step 4: Fill your containers with all of your hot cocoa candy and ingredients {coconut, chocolate chips, peppermint, marshmellows, etc.} Don't forget to fill your largest container with popcorn! I love the look of the popcorn in a tall apothecary jar {shown} or vase! I also grabbed some small paper bags from the craft store and filled them with extra popcorn for individual portions!
Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar
Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

Step 5: Don't forget to set out your pretty napkins & Enjoy!

Check out a few of my favorite items below to re-create this Galentines Day Hot Cocoa Bar for your friends!

Valentines Day DIY Hot Cocoa Bar

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