Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

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Alright the only issue with my Friday Favorites post this week is the simple fact that there were so many things on Pinterest this week that I couldn't narrow it down! It was so difficult to just pick 4 items, I just had to bump it up to 6! Maybe this will be a common occurrence?? What do you like seeing each Friday?

1. Pattern Mixing - The one thing I've realized most people are afraid of are patterns. And next to that, it's mixing them... No need to be afraid, especially when we have a friendly little pal called Pinterest! I'm loving these bright, bold patterns mixed together. {via domino}
2. Valentines Milkshakes - These beauties are almost too pretty to drink! These would be perfect for a girls night in with all of your friends catching up over popcorn and a movie... and milkshakes! {via  sweet style}
3. Pink Rug - Speaking of patterns.... Look at this rug! I want it. Enough said. {via Pinterest - site unknown}
4. Blank Space - Kind of like the oh-so popular TaySwift song... This room is beautiful with it's tall ceilings and wood floors, I want to move in! {via Pinterest - site unknown}
5. Chocolate Covered Pretzels - Everythings better with chocolate. And sprinkles. Am I right? These would be perfect to make for friends, roommates, or coworkers for Valentines Day next week! {via leanne bakes}
6. Comfy Reading Nook - I love this built in reading nook, it's such a good use of a small un-used space. Also including the perfect kind of light for reading and some hidden bookshelves! {via stylowi}

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