Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inside my Home

I love when my favorite bloggers share a little insight on their personal life. Nothing too personal, just little things. For me in particular I always get a little giddy when I see Instagrams that showcase little pieces of their home.... a new rug, their favorite little decor piece, a properly arranged tray, or even a great angle of their custom kitchen. Call me a nerd? Sure. But I just love seeing those little insights.

Today, unfortunately my home is not photo ready... but why not share some insight into a few shiny and sparkly things that have made their way into my home recently? 

1. Alarm Clock - I've been wanting to paint this little pint sized clock gold since I brought it home.. but the more I look at it the more I like it how it is! Decisions, Decisions..
2. Candlesticks - These white candlesticks are so perfect I bought two pairs - Yes, two pairs! One for my living room and one for my bedroom!
3. Vase - Here's another great white piece that has made it's way into my home. It looks so pretty with bright colored blooms in it too!
4. Sea Urchins - These. Let me tell you, I went through hell to get my hands on a set of these. I searched about 5 or 6 targets to try and get these and I'm so happy I didn't give up! I didn't hand them though... They're topping my books on my nightstands, and coffee table!
5. Task Lamp - This lamp is perfection. It's the best addition to my desk/vanity for when I am working late at night or putting my makeup on for the day.
6. Pear Salt & Pepper Shakers - How adorable are these!? They've been sitting on my dining table for over a month now and I just got around to filling them up. Too pretty to eat? Try too pretty to use!
7. Candles - These candles are the perfect size to fit on top of the candlesticks. They look great and the glass keeps the wax from melting all over the place as bare candles would.
8. Gold Pineapple - I've been swooning over the pineapple trend for a while now and I just knew that I had to have one. When I saw that Mintwood Home was running this giveaway I didn't even think twice before entering! It's pure perfection!

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