Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9 Fall Must Haves

Instead of providing you with a wish list for all those fall items I'm loving right now... and yes, there's a lot of them! I figured why not prep you with a few items I'm pretty sure will be heavily trending this fall. Trending to the point where you should put them on your wish list ASAP. I mean that.. Most of these items are already on mine. {don't tell my bank account cause it won't know what hit it in a few weeks}

1. Gold Starburst Mirrors - These bad boys are not going anywhere out of trend anytime soon! If you don't have one yet.. go get one! This one is on sale right now!
2. Cozy Textiles - Faux furs are a great item not only to cozy up to on the couch on a chilly night but they look great draped over a side chair or sofa as well!
3. Skull Decor - Remember this post from last season? Time to take out those decorative skulls because they'll be coming back without a doubt.
4. Coffee Table Trays - The little things are always better in groups! I love seeing a nicely staged tray on a coffee table. No matter the material, it always makes your remotes, books, and candles look very well put together.
5. White Bedding - Ahhh, white bedding.. My one true love! You can never go wrong with stark white bedding on a sunday morning when you open up your windows and grab a cup of coffee and a book. That is all.
6. Magazines/ Coffee Table Books - Any kind of mindless reading material is great and easy decor to pile up in a side basket, on a bookshelf, or on a coffee table neatly stacked.
7. Smaller Coffee Tray - Great way to drink a cup of joe in bed on a chilly fall morning, or to use in staging a guest room for when you have company.
8. Candles - No need to explain this one. A grouping of candles is such a joy to see in someones home, makes it feel so cozy and welcoming!
9. Bar Carts - If you've been wanting to invest in a bar cart and just haven't had the chance to... now is definitely the time! Stock the top of your bar cart with a few bottles of wine and your favorite liquor to warm your insides during the fall season! Don't forget the festive cocktail napkins and agate coasters!

Which of these items are going on your wish list for this fall season?


  1. love the cute little coffee tables! and i agree - our next bedding will have to be white. it's simply gorgeous. love bar carts too!

  2. I really want a starburst mirror...just need to find a place to put it! Love all these other ideas! #sitsgirls


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