Monday, September 15, 2014


I know this isn't one of my brightest moments I'm about to publicly share. But with that said, it does make for a great story... So here we go. Friday afternoon I accepted a 24lb. box of blueberries from a complete stranger.

I know what you're thinking. WHY. Don't take it. Trust me, it went through my head too. But before I knew it there I was standing in my living room with this box of frozen blueberries. {Large Box, might I add} My first thought was Holy S#*% what did I just do? I ran out onto my back porch with this "box of blueberries" and all of the questions of a paranoid twenty-something female ran through my head. Are these safe? Are they really blueberries? Why did this man come to my front door to give me these?

Long story short...Yes, my freezer is now full with frozen blueberries. Yes, they were safe {you can check out the company here} and yes, I'm fully prepared to look like Violet Beauregarde in a few weeks.

Thanks to the strange man who decided to knock on my front door and kindly give me that 24lb. box of blueberries.. I'll be repaying this random act of kindness by sharing my baking skills with my work and my neighbors! As for the first blueberry endeavor.... These delicious blueberry crumb cake muffins.


  1. love the blueberry bedroom look and those muffins. oh my word!!

    1. I'm loving on everything navy lately! The muffins were delicious - Highly recommend the recipe! xo,


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